What Really Matters When It Comes To Public Speaking.?

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What Really Matters When It Comes To Public Speaking.? 📢

You may ask me why even I am writing about Public Speaking.

Is it mean I have a great experience speaking on public platforms?

The reality is, I don't! the closest I remember is when I used to give speeches when I was in 11th class and 1 or 2 times when I was pursuing graduation.

So, I am writing from my little first-hand experience and mostly from the audience's point of view.

Hence, if you don't see the valid argument, then you can discard my point of view completly.

Let's start with a fundamental question,

What is the most important quality when it comes to public speaking?

Body Language?Confidence?Command on Language? Command On Topic?

I don'tdon't think so :)

I think there is only one thing that matters when it comes to public speaking!

And that is;

💡 You must have done/achieved/created something that people are inquisitive to know about.

And if this is the case, then believe me audience will wait for you to speak.

They will give you all attention to understand your thought process & your work style.

They will hardly give importance to your speaking style, language command, or body language.

Till they know that they are listening to someone who creates/done/achieved something which they care about.

I do the same; I don't remember listening to someone, because the person speaks well!

Instead, I spend most of the time listening to people who are not great at speaking but have achieved great things in their respective fields.

That's why one should not waste a lot of time learning "standard" public speaking etiquette.


  • Unnecessarily copying standard public speaking styles,

  • Unnecessarily asking questions to the audience!

  • Jumping on the floor to show enthusiasm!

  • Asking the audience to raise hand just because all do it

  • Showing your body language skills by asking the last row if they can hear you (by making some stupid hand moves)

So it's very simple if people want to learn from you, if they are willing to spend time understanding what you are speaking, you can be considered yourself worthy of becoming an outstanding public speaker.

But, if no one wants to listen to you, what are you going to do with your mastery of words?

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