This is why how a person behaves under Normal Condition tells nothing about a person's true nature. ! - Issue #3

How to define the behaviour of the person? How to know, if the person will going to be same throughout his life.?

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This is why how a person behaves under Normal Condition tells nothing about a person's true nature. !

How to define the behaviour of the person? How to know, if the person will going to be same throughout his life.?

Is there any way, to understand or predict how the person will evolve over a period of time?

Or, let’s say, you want to make a judgment about the guy/gal, thinking will he/she remain the same or change over the long period?

Let me make your life simple:

You will never 😅

All you can say is this is how he/she is behaving right now. Good, bad whatever, but this is the reality of the person in the present.

But, what about the future? you don't know will probably not going to predict unless you go beyond “Normal Conditional Behaviour” of the person.

Actually, I just coined this term 😅 Hoping this will widely accepted in near future😅

Jokes, aside.

Let’s discuss what I am trying to convey, or mean by this “Normal Conditional Behaviour

Normal Conditional Behaviour, simply mean how a person behaves when conditions are normal.

It’s a very simple concept, like, you have food on the table, your career is fine, there is not too much pressure in the work, and no external factors are affecting you drastically.

Now, under such situation, how a person behaves, with his friends/family/colleague/wife/husband can be considered as “Normal Conditional Behaviour”

Thant’s why when you talk to someone, and he seems nice, kind, compassionate or let’s say, someone is arrogant, unkind, etc but these characters are when everything is fine in their life ( Largely 😅 )

Now the problem, most of us think that this is the true nature of the person. which is perfectly wrong idea to believe.

I believe and observed, that to know the true nature of a person, you need substantial time and various external conditions which are not normal in any sense.

And then observing how, a person is reacting to abnormal conditions.

How he/she is behaving when things are not well. Is there a drastic change? Or just subtle change which is understandable! Or there is no change? which is rare.

In the same way, check, how the person his behaving when things are going extremely good.

When, the person hit sudden success how he/she is behaving? Is there a rapid change in the behaviour ? or everything is the same as usual? Again that is rare :)

So, in simple term, when you observe the person in his lows and highs then only you know something about the person.

If all you know about the person is how he behaves or what he thinks, his ideas etc under normal condition then, you probably know nothing about the person.

Catch, here is even, the individual doesn’t necessarily know, how he is going to behave in his high and low. So, it even becomes discovery for him/her too.

That’s why if anyone promising you in normal condition and if in future in the adverse condition he changes, doesn’t mean he was lying when he made a promise to you.

It simply means he didn’t know that he was going to change in the future.

It’s an interesting fact. That’s why I don’t believe people break promises. But, what I believe is unless the person has experienced, all possible situations he is not capable to even make any promise.

It simply means, what someone’s ideas/ philosophy/ way of thinking/ conduct when everything is normal is actually tells nothing about the person.

I think the “Normal Conditional Behaviour” concept will help you judge the person better.

But, by no means, say your friend/husband/wife… is good just because he/she is behaving good under normal conditions.

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