This is why failing in public is important #Issue 21

The last time I covered the topic "how learning is an environment-specific process and not an isolated process",.

In this issue,

I am trying to extent that concept to the next level.

My basic assumption is if you want to excel in any domain, Put yourself in the position where you have pressure to "Perform" frequently and where you can't hide risk or longer period.

This simple approach can help you grow in any domain.

This approach solves one simple and fundamental problem that many ignore in thier professional life.

That is hiding risk.

While working for any organization, every employee becomes an expert in "hiding risk."

Like, an individual tries very hard that his limitations must not be seen by colleague/ boss etc.

This approach may help individuals extend the time and work continuously, but it kills the possibility of personal and professional growth.

So, if you think your job is very simple, you don't have pressure, compnay don't put you in an uncomfortable position, and that's why you think it's great to be in such organization.

Then you are merely wasting your time and killing the possibility of growing personally and professionally.

But, let's say the situation is opposite,

Now you are working in the organization where your every work is public ( for your boss /colleague ), then, in such a situation, you can not hide the risk.

Also, your company put you in an uncomfortable situation, like,

They ask you to give a frequent presentation or do a task like entering an uncertain domain.

In such a situation, chances of your failing is high, and if everyone are watching your work then,

If you fail, you will fail publicly. Here you can't hide the risk of failure.

But, this helps you realized your weakness; it will make you aware of your limitations.

And now you know, even though you are well aware of these weaknesses, you still need to perform.

This puts pressure on you, and you will find ways to navigate in such uncertain situations with all the limitations you have.

If you remain in such an organization, where chances of hiding risks are low, then after few years, you will significantly grow in your professional life.

So let me summarise, it is a very simple term,

Suppose your job/task is very easy and not making you uncomfortable. In that case, chances are you will not grow and remain in the same situation even after spending considerable time on that job/task.

Also, it will make you fragile to market changes.

So don’t hide risk, try and be succesfull or  fail.

Fail frequently and publicly.