Security by Association and Security by Creativity

Which type of security do you prefer? Do you feel secure by associating with something or by creating something?

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Security by Association & Security by Creativity

Do you ever wonder what kind of security you aspire for in your life?

I am just sharing my observation

while talking and observing many people. I realised there are mostly two types of people.

✔️ People aspiring security by association

✔️ People aspiring security by creativity

we all want to feel secure, and all of us want to conform, which makes us believe we are someone.

Because this whole notion that we are just another person on this planet is so horrifying.

For that simple reason; we try our best to gain that confidence by either doing something or being at the right time with the right people to gain the importance.

But, how one defined oneself tells a lot about him.

Now let me explain about the first kind of people,

These people aspire for security in life through association.

If you talk to these people, they will always show or talk about something which confirms their association with someone or something. Like,

  • Their family member/friend/ colleague who is working in US/Europe etc

  • How they are working for top brand

  • The Top collage they have been too

  • The great place they been to /destination etc

  • The person they know personally who posses great status in society.

  • Things they posses

In our life, we encountered many such people, to whom if you even start speaking they will bring, their college, their company, things they possess, friends who are earning too much, a friend who is working in foreign, etc.

Talking about these things makes these people comfortable; they feel secure while discussing all this stuff.

They can hide their innate inferiority complex, hidden inside, which they don’t want to face.

It’s tough to communicate with such people, as they are mainly frightened inside that they always roam around keeping the shield of “associations.”

Now let me talk about the second kind of people,

These people aspire security through creativity. When I talk about creativity, it means creating something in life. It can be anything, but it’s just the feeling of owning something. The feeling that you are responsible for creating something is wired.

Such people are less concerned with who they know, which college they have been to, which company they work for, etc.

For them, what matters is what they are creating? What they are building can boost their self-respect.

These people are mostly individualistic; they don’t gain security or comfort just because their close friend/ brother/sister has achieved something.

And they don’t use other people success to shield their inferiority complex.

As for these people, what matters is what they are doing with their life? What they have done which gain them respect in their own eyes.

I love this second type of people and I aspire to be one. :)

What do you think?

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