Reading is an advanced form of procrastination. ,Issue #16

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Reading is an advanced form of procrastination. ,Issue #16 💡

Let's start with the tweet I shared recently,

Reading is a unanimously celebrated activity.

Everyone seems to like it as great novelty is associated with it.

I was under the same impression a few years back that the more I read better for me, thinking it will help me gain knowledge, wisdom, etc.

It's even true if the whole purpose of one's life is to gain wisdom and knowledge.

But, if one wants to make a real impact in any field, then reading by itself does not provide any such possibility.

It's the action based on reading, it's more about the execution of the idea than to flirt with "n" number of ideas.

And the reality is if one wants to priorities on execution, then reading becomes important only if it's help in better execution. that's it. !

For, example if anyone wants to bring social change, then such a person should be in the field doing activism.

While doing so, he may want to sharpen his struggle by reading books that explain the problem better.

But, what if someone just keep on reading books for the sake of gaining knowledge?

Such people write voluminous books! Books about utopian societies and do possess opinion on everything that is happening around.

But the real problem is that as they are not in the field trying to implement those ideas, that’s why their impact remains zero!

For such people, reading itself is an action.

You can always find such people writing great pieces in the top newspaper editorial with scholarly writing.

One should not read their articles unless they are ready to take the risk for their idea; otherwise, what idea you have does not matter.

So it's straightforward, whatever you choose to read in abundance, that should supplement the "Real Action" you want to take, which possibly have an impact on the world.

Otherwise, it's just intellectual entertainment.

And there is nothing wrong, pursuing intellectual entertainment; it's just same as watching NETFLIX. There is no significant difference between these two activities.

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