Read, Learn & Evolve 📚 Issue#19

What is the correct way of Reading?

Let me start with the tweet I shared yesterday.

If we try to examine the above tweet, we need to understand what’s reading is!

Reading is a process to fulfill curiosity. 

So, if you find someone reading, it means you can safely say the person is curious, and that’s why he is reading.

But, what I realized is “curiosity” is not an objective, independent process. 

It means some people can be curious, just for the sake of it, and don’t prefer favorable content to solidify thier existing thinking/biases.

On the other hand, you will find people who chose to read books which support their existing thinking.

It means they just read so that they can strengthen their prejudice.

Hence, even if they read thousands of books, rare chances are they will become any wiser.

So what are the best ways to read,

  1.  Be aware of your biases

  2. Be open to new ideas, even if these ideas destroy your existing thinking

  3. Try to find books that are critical to your existing beliefs/culture/religion etc.

  4. And don’t read only one book and say’s it solved all the problem :)

Product Launch : BitClout Operating System (Notion Dashboard) 🚀

Last week, I launched my first info-product on Twitter, 🚀

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Link to launch tweet➡️

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