Path To Erasing Bad Memories Goes From Erasing Good Ones. Issue #11

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Path To Erasing Bad Memories Goes From Erasing Good Ones. Issue #11💡

Memories are imprints of our experiences.

We all love to cherish our memories; it gives us joy and many a time reason to find hope in life.

But this is only true for good memories, memories which we don't want to forget and want to hold close to heart.

When it comes to bad memories, we all feel uncomfortable accepting how difficult it is to accept our past. We all want to destroy those memories; we don't want to suffer because of something which happened in the past.

Real question is, how to get rid of bad memories! Is there exist any magic formula that you can use to get rid of all the bad memories?

Of course not!

I was pondering on this question as I struggled with some of the bad memories and didn't want to suffer due to that part of my life.

After struggling with those memories for most of my life, I suddenly realized that I am going after the wrong problem.

And my whole approach till date was wrong!

It's not bad memories that is an issue, but "reliance on memories" for present happiness is a problem.!

It was never a question of a good or bad memory!

That's why,

“If anyone wants to erase bad memory from his life, he should start erasing good memories first.”

In short, there is no way to get rid of bad memories unless you are ready to give up good memories associated with the same event.

If we don’t understand this, then we end up moving in the circle throughout the life.

There is a possibility of ignoring the bad memories by engaging in entertainment, spending time with a friend, consuming alcohol etc.

But when one comes to a normal state, he will find all those memories waiting for him.

It was a small insight but helped me a lot.

So, my suggestion is very straightforward.

Don’t give too much importance to your good memories. or be ready to forget all those memories.

And automatically, you will decrease the impact of bad memories on your present life. You may able to erase them all.

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