On Habit, Taking Advice, Professional Life & Observation. Issue # 14

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On Habit, Taking Advice & Professional Life & Observation. Issue # 14

On Habit,

A good habit is a myth! There is no such thing as a good habit.

Habit means repetition; its like you are running on autopilot, like a machine.

As you can only repeat past ( Actions or approach)

Hence you are not adding any value!

It means you keep doing things in the same fashion without asking a fundamental question.

Like, why even I am doing it?

So don't aspire to achieve good habits in life.

Instead, ask why I am doing this? Go more in-depth, and probably you may even drop whatever you are doing in the name of good Habit!

On Taking Advice,

Golden rule on taking Advice

✔️ Take Advice from the person who has walked down the path,

❌ Not from the person who has only read/listened about other journeys.

On Professional Life,

💡 What you do in the Job

💡 What you do after the Job

💡 What you are planning to do in the future

If the answer to these three questions is the same, you will never have a problem with your professional life.

On Observation, 

If you're angry, stay angry & observe anger.

If you're jealous, stay jealous & observe jealousy.

If you're insecure, stay insecure & observe insecurity.

If you're fearful, stay fearful & observe fear.

If you're happy, stay happy & observe happiness.

When you observe, you will realize that nothing stays for a longer period.

Everything vanishes, today or tomorrow! & That's the SECRET

Everything else,

like, reading spiritual text, listening to a spiritual guru, performing spiritual rituals, watching spiritual talks Etc are nothing but "Glorified wastage of time"

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