Launching my first Info-Product 🚀 #Issue 18

From the last 3-4 weeks, I am trying to learn how to launch an info product.

I have seen many creators launching their products using no-code tools.

I thought, let's try out something!

I list down ideas which I can turn into a product.

I realized that checking various info products in the market is not about the production value of the product but its credibility and content that matter more.

BitClout OS: Notion Dashboard

Bitclout is the new, crypto-based social networks, and it's been there for the last 2 months.

I am an early user of the platform. So after spending enough time on it. I started seeing flood on projects that are built on the top of bitlcout concept.

So, I started thinking why not create, dashboard which helps bitlcout user to,

  1. Increase creator coin price

  2. Getting more traction for thier content.

  3. Getting more investment from the investors.

  4. Track the most important projects around bitlcout

  5. Organize communication with investors.

And I started building, this simple product using, Notion

My plan is to promote it on bitlcout and try to check if it can get any traction.

Currently, I have sent it to many of my contacts, go get feedback so that,

I can improve the product before the public launch

Gumroad: Product Landing Page

Get Early access,

As subscribers to my newsletter, I would love to grant you all early access to my product.

In exchange, I just expect feedback from your end to improve the product before launching it for everyone.

Also, please share your "Testimonial" if you love the product to use it on the product sales page.

Use discount code for FREE access: adg9ady

Product page link:

( Note: If you are not aware of BitClout platform then, just judge the product from the general product perspective. )

I am in the process and will share my learning about distribution, outreach and product sale.

Thanks For Reading, Can you help me with your feedback? So that I can improve this newsletter :)

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