How to figure out the right person in any field?

Or how to avoid fake one !

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How to figure out the right person in any field?

Let me be honest with you, the title is little Catchy, and seriously I don't have any magic formula to exactly differentiate right and wrong person in any specific field.

But, I do have one approach, which sort of help in many ways, when you want to judge someone, based on his/her claims.

And again, this approach is not even, exclusively mine. Different people talk about this approach, just using different words or merely making it more complicated.

Let start.

From my little experience, I realized that people try hard to identify with any system can not be considered good based on their association.

For examples, A spiritual leader.

Now, if we talk about India, the moment we say, spiritual person.

An image comes in our mind. Someone with a long beard, wearing a specific robe, generally quoting religious texts, and following certain food habits and moral conducts.

Now, just because, we all have predefined Idea about "Spiritual Person", we tend to accept someone with such specification as a spiritual person.

But is it right? or rational approach?

Let me tell you anyone who try hard to fit in an already accepted notion of society for any specific role is likely to be fake or not authentic.

And why it so, because, someone who is genuinely spiritual from the core and is a transformed person will care less about external accepted norms.

At least he will not be very conscious about it.

There is a difference, between following something and being too conscious about following something.

Because if its not natural then, you will be too conscious; otherwise you will not be that conscious of anything.

Are you getting what I am trying to convey here?

Like, someone who is genuinely affluent and extremely rich will not be too conscious about what he wears and which brands he use.

But, middle-class people with an inherent inferiority complex will always be too conscious about what they wear, which brand they use etc.

It simply means, if someone is trying hard to look rich, by using language like elite, brands, spending expensive holidays, is just trying hard to hide his poverty. ( Not always though :) )

Let's get back to a previous example of a spiritual leader.

Someone who wants to establish a spiritual leader will try hard to confirm with everything society has already accepted as a norms of spiritual leader.

He will say everything to look spiritual so that, he will gain acceptance in society.

But, what if someone, who doesn't look spiritual still people are interested in listening to him?.

If a guy is not interested in confirming spiritual accepted norms, like, moral values, external appears.

If this is a case, there is the possibility that the person might be original and you should give time to at least listen to the person.

I personaly listen to spiritual people who do not resemble socially norms and look more like ordinary people. And this approach helps me to avoid lot of BS.

This same, approach you can apply in any filed, in any situation to identify who is a real person and who is gaming the system. ( Just keep in mind it’s not Fullproof approach )

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