Expect Everything! Issue # 6

How expecting everything may help you live a great life.

This is strange approach, but I have been following this for the last few year.

And it helps a lot.

We all are habitual of saying, 👇

  • I wasn't expecting this!

  • How can you do this to me?

  • How can this happened to me!

  • I haven't done anything wrong to anyone, then why this happened to me!

  • How great it is; I wasn't expecting this will be my life.

Positive or negative, but we generally deny most of the time, when strange things start happening in our life. 

Calling that as surprises, good, bad that's doesn't matter.

I realized this problem arises when we either not capable of seeing a clear picture of something. 

Or we don't want to see complete picture of reality.

For, example if you bought a new gadget and suddenly after using it for 1-2 years if something happens to it, let's say gadget get’s broken, and then you will end up saying.

"I wasn't expecting this will happened to my mobile."

The reality is most of the time; we are not ready for the changes. 

We love life, which too predictable.

We want predictable people, predictable situations, etc.

And based on that, we create our static world, and that's why, if anything different happened, we get disturbed.

Be Ready & Expect Everything!

This approach is very healthy for our life as it does not resist the flow of nature.

Using this approach, you never ask any question to life if anything happned to you saying, why me? Not in a good or bad situation.

So if you are buying something, be ready for all possibilities, that product will work properly or someday it will not work! Or this gadget should work adequately for max 2 years.

Suppose you consider all possibilities as realities of life. You will not be surprised or will never say I wasn't expecting this!

A person who is open to all situations ( In reality, not theorotically ) will be less likely to have sorrow in life.

Rest will suffer, today or tomorrow! time is not the qustion here.

So, whenever you create any association with people, things, events expect everything.

Just everything!

Never, ever say I wasn't expecting this or that.

Be it good thing or a bad thing! It's just another event in life. Which, continuously happening in this world with many people.

Nothing special about it, just because it is now happening with you.

I hope, I am clear now.

Just expect everytihng!

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