Creator Economy #Issue 17

One positive change that COVID brings is the accelerated process of the Creator Economy.

I wrote the newsletter explaining "Crypto Social Network" for my futureomen newsletter a few day's backs.

I seriously think post covid, the creator economy will flourish greatly, and you can expect rapid changes in near future.

That's why everyone must check out the possibility of being a creator; otherwise, you will miss the bus.

You may have question, that, what should you create?

Before creating anything special, we should understand that what we plan to develop should not necessarily fit into creating something great.

I think, process of creating is just productize whatever you are doing on daily basis.

Here are few things that everyone can create,

  • You can write stories

  • You can write poems

  • You can write commentaries

  • You can start, newsletter on any topic which you are interested

  • You can begin to, sharing valuable content on Twitter/ Linkedin/ BitClout etc

  • You can draw and document the journey

  • You can start a podcast (You talk or Invite a guest and interview them )

  • You can start a YouTube channel, talk about the things you feel interested

  • You can start creating simple info products around something you know ( Use Notion and sell on gumrod)

  • You can teach any skill that you have acquired ( Create, E-book, Video Content )

It is just what comes to my mind there are unlimited possibilities out there, but it's essential to start creating something.

As the ability to create will be the most important skill that everyone has to acquire!

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