Changing it from weekly to the monthly newsletter!

Let me start this issue with the tweet I shared in the past

Focus is when you realised and stick to few ideas and work towards executing them properly.

Just to implement this idea in my life. I have decided to write this newsletter once a month & to share my monthly progress on all fronts.

If you are wondering why I am doing this, it is to focus on the four listed areas below. ( In that order)

  1. Working on a new project ( Stealth mode :) )

  2. Futureomen : Marketing Newsletter

  3. Growing my twitter audience ( Currently at, 301 followers)

  4. Writing & publishing Ebook on amazon (“ The Title: “Way I See It” ( for now, may change later) )

So, I will be primarily working on the above four areas after doing my usual job. ( You know typical, 9-5 :) )

So, here is what you expect in the monthly issue

  • My monthly progress in the above four areas.

  • Any learning

  • Recommendation ( Books, podcasts etc., if any )

So it’s it then,

Have any question?